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New York : Trump Tower Feuer

Im 50. Stockwerk des Trump Towers an der New Yorker 5th Avenue ist am Samstag (Ortszeit) ein Feuer ausgebrochen. Das teilte die Feuerwehr der Stadt New York via Twitter mit. Demnach wurde ein Mensch schwer verletzt. Bilder zeigten, wie dunkler Rauch aus dem Gebäude drang.  

See what Happened to the Krays Money

What Happened to the Krays Money: Great Doc on Tyneside’s underworld covering 50 bloody years of mayhem, murder and money making by the Geordie mafia. From what happened when the Krays came up from the Smoke through the Conroy, Harrison andSayers wars of the 80s and 90s to the present day…this ain’t Geordie Shore, it’s

See what happened to vanessa hudgens

See what happened to vanessa hudgens : Our hearts are breaking for Vanessa Hudgens! See what happened to the actress after her performance in ‘Grease: Live’ —> Abe Averdeen Anne Centeno . Thought I saw you 😱 Manage LikeShow more reactions  · Reply · 2y 1 Reply Alisha Meinhart She did an amazing job for just loosing her dad!! He had the

See what happened to amanda redmans arm

See what happened to amanda redmans arm: Just watching Amanda Redman on an episode of New Tricks when I noticed what looked like burns on her left arm. I think she is a fantastic and charismatic actress but her early years were very difficult after a pan of soup was accidentally tipped over her at