Death of Elizabeth Gallagher, of East Patchogue : Fatal LIRR-vehicle crash

Death of Elizabeth Gallagher, of East Patchogue

So I know we are boycotting The Oscars, the MSM, the NFL, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Wal-Mart, Keurig, Starbucks, SNL, Netflix, Amazon, Nordstrom, Target, Beyonce, Ben & Jerry’s ice 
A woman killed early Saturday after a train struck her vehicle on the tracks just east of the Northport station has been identified as Elizabeth Gallagher, of East Patchogue, an LIRR spokeswoman said Sunday.You know I remember when the Oscars were full of class acts. Not anymore. Now it’s full of children. What the world has come to. It’s a shame.

Elizabeth Gallagher Obituary

The vehicle ended up on the tracks after the driver appeared to have lost control, said an MTA spokeswoman. The vehicle then struck a guardrail on Pulaski Road, went airborne, and came to rest on the tracks, the MTA spokeswoman said.You know I remember when the Oscars were full of class acts. Not anymore. Now it’s full of children. What the world has come to. It’s a shame.

An MTA police investigation is ongoing.

Police found the driver ejected from the vehicle, but it is not immediately clear whether the driver was ejected in the initial crash or by the impact of the train, officials said.watched him! Nobody cares about your political views. Spend some time tying to think of something that is actually funny to say to people

The vehicle was struck at about 2:10 a.m. by an eastbound train on the Long Island Rail Road’s Port Jefferson Branch, officials said.Jimmy Kimmel shows he has contempt towards people of faith. Jimmy cannot stand those who are morally honorable as our 

Gallagher, 29, was pronounced dead at the scene. She was the only passenger in the vehicle and no one on the train was injured, officials said.Jimmy Kimmel is a jerk. The Oscars should have been an amazing show for their 90th anniversary but he had to ruin the celebration of movies .

The crash temporarily suspended service on that branch of the railroad, and service was restored at about 7 a.m. Saturday.Jimmy Kimmel is a dis-grace. Can you imagine Johnny Carson acting in such an undignified manner? Why does he 

Photos from the scene show a mangled overturned vehicle off to the side of the tracks.

Wow. VP Pence is just someone who believes in the Bible and lives his life accordingly. He doesn’t bash anyone else’s beliefs. Liberals are truly disgusting .

Anne Kenney Yes…I know, he’s so full of hate. How does Jimmy Kimmel manage to pimp his hate and very few care.

Chris Bennett He is a late night host of a talk show. Why is ANYTHING he says, or anyone like him, plastered all over MSM? If these dipwads are so critical of politicians, why don’t THEY run for office? 

Just remember, you can’t use Russia as an excuse for losing. It’s been done.
Kalon Birkner A doofus from the Man show…Probably got bullied for being a nerd as a child…Dark anger issues,mad at the world Jimmy?

April N Zack Hamilton These Hollywood stars are a bunch of cry baby bullies that need to grow up! So sick of their disrespectful agenda that does nothing more than stir up trouble, hate and trouble!

Brenda Driskell These people still don’t have a clue why we elected our President. They simply don’t live in everyday America. We can’t afford bodyguards, live in glass houses, travel the world and dine at the finest restaurants. We made them and we have the power to stop supporting them. Sick of all of them!

Maria Z Garcia All the hypocrites, laughing and clapping along , not to worry They all have skeletons in their closets , scared poopless that none will fall out! I’d rather watch paint dry

Margarita Merino Thats why i don’t watch the Oscars anymore. They use that platform to bash, discriminate and disrespect everybody instead of focusing what the show is all about!

Michael Walk It’s so funny how these worthless bottle fed rich clowns try so hard to insult our president and Vice President! Sore losers still whining. Go Pence! Best part is I garantee you Mike Pence seen this and prayed for this man! No harm done and don’t care what the circus has to say

Pamela Lacombe Mullen Do you talk like this you foul mouthed imbecile in front of your kids. Where are your morals you piece of bull crap. What’s your rules for cursing and belittling people at home.? Are you teaching bullying at home like you do on your crappy show. How can they choose someone like you to Emcee the now Deflated Oscars?

Chad Townsend I thought Jimmy Kimmel Live said it wasn’t going to be a political show? Not that the 100 million Americans who don’t care about his political views are watching anyways. Oh…didn’t this liberal have a show where he had women jumping on a trampoline????? Was that politically 
Scott Gammon This is the same man who hosted a show called The Man Show, now he likes to lecture people about class and dignity. What a hypocritical piece of garbage Jimmy Kimmel is!

Jason C. Loewen Seems like a collosal waste of money to make a movie that nobody heard of until now to make an obscure joke. That’s a pretty expensive dumb joke. $50M joke?

Bill Petersen Jimmy Kimmel is struggling for air…please don’t give him the opportunity to breath..Johnny and Jay had so much more class…

Sandy McLeroy This is the reason I don’t watch the Oscar’s or any other awards show like that. It’s so sad we have to put up with all this stuff.

Mark Rodman So this movie about a grown man seducing a minor boy is acceptable to jimmy kimmel? He finds no fault in that just like the rest of his Hollywood pedofiles that he supports! Nice job jimmy, bet your parents are proud?

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