See what happened to linda on blue bloods

See what happened to linda on blue bloods

Im a Bluecollar working guy in Sweden. I got one job( power lineman). And I got afford to own two cars a house and a snowmobile. I got five weeks paid vacation and free healthcare! I been traveling in the States and its a lot of things that I really li…See More

Susan Oxman This is how Trump got voted in the first place, poor education. “The forest was shrinking but the trees kept voting for the axe because its handle was made of wood and they believed it was one of them.”

Kendy Estrada I have heard this a lot recently;”they knew what they were getting into in the beginning.” Yeah, the future of this country rests solely on the shoulders of these teachers, so they should be paid higher wages. I just don’t understand these kinds of comments at all. My mind cannot comprehend them.

Maureen Frizzell Pay politicians the same as teachers, after all, they are just civil servants and don’t really work that hard or that much.

Marlena Mack Pass by any school after 5pm when kids have gone home and I bet you will see teacher’s cars still in the parking lot working and not being paid for that time. It is truly sad we trust our children to learn from someone with the most important job

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